35 Jim Kimmett Boulevard Napanee ON K7R 3K6 (613) 354 5527

Comments From Our Favorite People, Our Customers.

Weavers, Ottawa - "Wow - great food!"

Helen and Dave, Trenton - "Best Fish I've had in a long time"

Tracy and Norm, Cleveland, Ohio - "So glad we stopped!"

the Clarks, Kingston - "F-A-N-TA-S-T-I-C!"

Angie - "AWESOME Food - 1st time here"

Carol and Doug, Dart N.S. - "Great meal, nice fast service, A+!"

Joe, Sydenham - "Best meal ever! Good fish!!"

Mr. & Mrs. McMillan, Alberta - "I'll definately come back here soon!"

Ron and Gabriele, Fonthill - "Yummy!!"

Cyril and Joan, Nfld - "Absolutely Delicious"

Melissa - "Absolutely fantastic! Can't say enough!"

Taylor - "I love this place"

Carol and Dennis, Belleville - "Excellent"

Cliff and Bill - "We'll be back"

Louis, St. Catherines - "Excellent!"

Jorden amd Rayden - "We were stuffed"

Nancy, Kingston - "Banana Cream Pie = YUM!"

Gil, Picton - "Super service and meal"

Alex and Ross, Napanee - "Superb!"

Dave and Lynn, Barrie - "Excellent as always"

Sarah, Kingston - "First time, definately not the last"

Ken & Jardy - "Still the best around"

David, Kingston - "Top notch"

Sally, Napanee - "AMAZING"

Doug and Melissa, Napanee - "Awesome"

Jen, Bath - "WOW"

Brian, Thunder Bay - "Great!"

Team Yukon Men's Curling, Yukon - "Awesome, Great Food, Thanks for the fish"

Joanne and Glenn, Halifax - "Awesome!"

Ad and Jane, Queensland, Australia - "Great Mate"

John and Nancy, Midland - "Deelish"

John and Laurie, Lake Louisa, PQ - "Great Fish!"

Wendy, Liverpool, Eng - "Amazing service"

Richard and Chris, Deseronto - "Wonderful food and service"

Donald, Peterborough - "Great Fish and Chips"

Diane and Lucas, Winnipeg - "Great meal"

Whitney and Russel, Ottawa - "Haven't had fish and chips that tasted so delicious since Britan, thanks"

Ray and Doris, Kingston - "Excellent eatery"

Sally, Gananoque - "Fantastic Fish and Chips"

Ruth, Picton - "Super, very good, will be back"

Harry, Highland Grove - "A+"

Sandy, Napanee - "always good"

Donnelly, Montreal - "the coleslaw is like heaven"

Doug and Kate, Toledo - "Fish dinner was very good"